Best Practices in Customer Service for Small Businesses

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HubSpot’s “State of Customer Service in 2020” found that 73% of customers stay loyal to brands because of friendly customer service reps. Happy customers share their experiences. Providing excellent customer experiences through live chat services for business is one way to keep your small business relevant among the competition. As customer behaviour changes, customer service must adapt. Take your online experience to another level with live chat support services that support these best practices.

Optimize Your Availability

Customers aren’t only reaching out to your business during regular business hours. Make sure you are available to your web shoppers as much as you are to your in-store customers. Live chat support on your website lets you respond in real-time for a seamless customer service experience. Use social media and text to connect with customers. Email can be another good tool to connect with customers, but you do need to reply in a timely manner.

Unify Your Approach

Being more available to your customers increases the number of interactions, which can be problematic without a targeted approach for your customer service team. Use software that integrates customer connections to provide personalized support regardless of how the customer contacts you. Live chat support services give your customers the opportunity to connect with you whether they are on your website or not, giving your business the opportunity to proactively engage with your audience.

Increase Customer Retention

The HubSpot study quoted above found that a 5% increase in customer retention can give a 25% increase in profits. Repeat customers tend to spend more than new customers because they trust your brand. Customer service that focuses on empathy and flexibility instead of policy can decrease your churn rate. Personalize your customer experience to give customers a genuine encounter.

SYNERGYCHAT Live Chat Support Services

Modern customers are informed and educated, with high expectations. SYNERGYCHAT personalizes customer service solutions for your business with live chat for websites. Get a free quote when you contact our team. We’ll walk you through the features of live chat. Call us at (908) 633-7025 to get more information about live chat for your business.