Enjoy Proactive Engagement Benefits with Live Chat Support Services

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Customers browsing your website might need a helping hand once in a while. Proactive engagement through live chat agent services can turn a curious browser into a hot lead. Learn more about proactive triggers available as part of SYNERGYCHAT’s live chat agent service.

What Is Proactive Engagement?

When you respond to customers who contact you, that’s reactive engagement. Proactive engagement anticipates client needs and invites them to accept support while surfing through your website. You can use proactive engagement triggers to check in with clients, greet them, and welcome them back.

You can also point out features they may find useful based on their actions. Staying a step ahead of your clients leads to a positive customer experience and can help you transform leads to conversions.

Examples of Proactive Engagement Triggers?

  • Returning visitors. Treat them like a triumphant hero returning home. Whether a customer has bought from you or visited the site, they are clearly interested in what you have to offer. Why not greet them with great customer service? SYNERGYCHAT live chat support services can customize live chat triggers for returning visitors and customers. This small gesture puts customers at ease and makes it easy for them to reach out if they need help.

Example Chat Message: Welcome back! How can I help you?

  • Based on the referral source. For customers who find your site through ads or backlinks, proactive engagement might include specific promotions. In this case, you already know what brought the visitor to the site. This gives you a great talking point and is one of the best opportunities that you have to tailor the customer experience — and gain their business.

Example: Looking for deals on %promoted product%? Let’s discuss our current special offers!

  • Idle visitors. Our account management team can help you design a proactive engagement strategy that includes prompting idle visitors through live chat. For lingering visitors, offer a helping hand in finding information or products.

Example: Are you looking for a specific product or information? I’d be glad to help.

  • Visitors clicking through your FAQs. Customers who linger and click around your FAQ page could be having a hard time finding the information they need. A proactive engagement trigger could serve as a much-needed lifeline. This can also prevent frustrated visitors from jumping to a competitor’s site.

Example: A live chat agent is available to answer your questions!

SYNERGYCHAT has the best live chat support providers for proactive engagement and other strategic automation. Let us make it easier for customers to find and purchase your products and services.

SYNERGYCHAT Live Chat Support Services

Our live chat agent service offers proactive engagement features that help you accomplish the following:

  • Increase sales

  • Improve customer service

  • Intervene at customer pain points

  • Resolve problems quickly

  • Access the best live chat service providers in the business

Contact us today to find out how to implement live chat services for your business. Our current client portfolio includes real estate, automotive, finance, home services, education, and other sectors. Call us at (908) 633-7025 to learn how SYNERGYCHAT can engage your customers quickly.