The Benefits of Live Chat for Customer Engagement

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A Gartner study predicted back in 2018, that 40% of all data analytics projects by 2020 will relate to an aspect of customer experience. The evidence is clear with more widespread adoption of managed live chat services. Live chat for websites provides a simple way for users to get answers to questions as they navigate and look for information that can potentially drive them to buy from you, make a repeat purchase, and refer business to you.

Managed live chat services can provide mobile friendly solutions that customers can access from various web browsers. Partner with experienced, reliable providers such as SYNERGYCHAT to implement your customized solution today.

Live Chat for Websites Leads to Loyal, Happy Customers

The average customer prefers live agents over finding information on their own. Customer service chats improve the customer experience by providing a fast way to get the information they need to make a decision.

With SYNERGYCHAT’s managed live chat services, your customers can reach you 24/7 when they get stuck. This is less frustrating than emailing support and waiting to hear back from them. Our live chat services also increase agent productivity.

Perks of Managed Live Chat Services

Advantages of our personalized solution for your website’s live chat feature include the following:

  • Live chat helps turn web browsers into customers with fast answers that give them the confidence to purchase your products. Additionally, immediate assistance builds trust and encourages loyalty.

  • Live chat is a great way to break the ice with visitors to your site. Our well-trained, intuitive agents monitor the customer’s tone so that they can customize their answer to match the formality or response to each situation.

  • SYNERGYCHAT customer service chats avoid repetition as agents have access to notes so they can gauge previous interactions with all your clients.

  • Agents can share screenshots directly in the chat to help customers navigate through the site and find information about your products.

  • You can boost the productivity of your customer service team through live chat. It’s easier for agents to handle more than one chat than to answer more than one email at a time, for example. Of course, complex customer interactions require dedicated attention, but customer service chats are highly flexible.

  • Provide seamless 24-hour support

  • Live chat provides critical details that inform product development decisions

Get A Free Quote For Managed Live Chat Services

You can get a free quote when you contact our team today. Let us walk you through all the great features of live chat for websites. Call us at (908) 633-7025 to learn how SYNERGYCHAT can simplify your customer services and improve your conversion rate. Additionally, our FAQ section has more information about how live chat can assist your business.