Frequently Asked Questions

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Curious about how SYNERGYCHAT’s live chat platform works? Perhaps you are interested in how a live chat support function can substantially improve your customers’ website browsing experience? Get answers to your questions by reading through our FAQ section!

    • Do you perform marketing services? ​

    No, our team works with the existing traffic on your website. Relating to a marketing capacity, we do facilitate promotional events or announcements on chat windows for our clients. Please contact for further details.

    • How does live chat support help with generating leads?

    Leads are sent directly to you via email or deposited into your CRM within moments of the chat conversation, allowing you to connect promptly with your customer and increasing your chances of sales conversion. The lead form can be customized to provide just the right details that you need, and more.

    • How simple is your live chat platform?

    Our live chat platform works on all devices. Whether your customer is chatting on their desktop, tablet, or mobile device, our live chat support provides a seamless experience. And we can be personalized to suit the look and colors of your website, too!

    • What is the cost for your service?

    We work with small to large companies and our fixed monthly rates are based on our initial assessment of your company needs.

    • Which communication channels can your live chat platform support?

    We support live integration with Facebook/Marketplace, Twitter, WhatsApp and WeChat.

    Whats App is currently the world’s most prevalent chat platform. This popular messaging app had more than 1.7 billion users last year, even surpassing Facebook Messenger. Providing multiple channels for your customers to connect with you gives them the freedom to choose how they wish to communicate, increasing customer engagement opportunities.

    With more than 1.5 billion users in 2020, Facebook Messenger and Marketplace are quickly becoming a necessity for businesses if they want to keep in touch with modern consumers. Customers expect to receive a quick response, especially when using social media. Messages from your Facebook page and Marketplace are directed in real-time to our live chat platform. Our team of friendly, qualified agents responds to online messages promptly, engaging the customer and forwarding the lead directly to you.

    WeChat follows closely behind with 1.2 billion users and goes beyond messaging as a multi-purpose platform.

    Twitter is home to 350 million users and a big player for brand exposure.

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SYNERGYCHAT is an 100% live online chat service for your website with more than 10 years as a national provider. Team up with our company and let us help you ensure an outstanding digital experience for your valued customers!