Front Line Assistance for Your Online Visitors

Take your online experience to the next level with SYNERGYCHAT’s live chat support services managed by real experts. ​With live chat support services, your website visitors can enjoy quality virtual assistance in real-time

Managed Live Chat Services

​Valued Features Across All Sectors

  • Available Live Chat Support Service

  • Chat with SMS Text & Live Call Option

  • Available on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet

  • Connect with Agent through Facebook & WhatsApp Chat

  • Personable, Bilingual Agents provide best-in-class customer service

  • Over 10 Years of Experience as a National Managed Live Chat Provider

  • Leads delivery to you in real-time by email or to your CRM

  • Seamless Transfer from Chat Agent to Sales Team

  • Detailed Dashboard Reporting

  • No Long Term Contracts

Tangible Value At A Fraction Of The Cost

SYNERGYCHAT can double your online leads each month. On average, our clients close between 5-15% of leads generated from live chat, also increasing your ROI 10-30-fold thanks to our affordable rates. And you can modify or cancel your subscription anytime. Read on for the advantages our live chat support services can bring to your business.

  • Available on Multiple Channels and Devices
  • Live Chat for Proactive Engagements
  • Real Experts + AI Technology
  • Effective Lead Management
  • Simple-Step Chat Setup
  • High-Grade Enterprise Security

24 Hour Live Chat

Our live chat support services go way beyond being present on your website. Your online users can connect to the chat through other popular chat applications on the global scale such as Whats App, Facebook Messenger & Marketplace, WeChat and many more. By broadening the access points to chat, your customers will be able to connect with your business even when they are not on your website. ​

SYNERGYCHAT is compatible and easy to use on all devices that include Desktop, Laptop, Mobile and Tablet .

Live Chat Support Company Ottawa

By implementing 24/7 live chat support services, your customers will always have the option to “click to chat” with one of our chat experts. Our live chat system also uses AI technology to identify the most opportune moment to proactively engage website visitors to chat.

Customers are promptly greeted by one of our friendly and fully bilingual live chat experts. No chatbots or translation apps here, just warm and personable human conversations.

Live Chat Services

We combine AI technology with live chat agents to create a more human customer experience while increasing chat-to-lead conversion.

Our live chat platform uses advanced AI technology to detect the browsing habits and preferences of customers and identify the best moment to engage them in chat conversations.

It also provides our live chat agents with valuable details, such as whether it is a new or returning website visitor, or what they are browsing – allowing for a more personable and customized chat experience for customers.

24 Hour Live Chat

Sales, service, and leads are sent directly to your CRM and/or email inbox within moments of the chat conversation. This allows you to connect promptly with your customer which for one increases your chances of sales conversion and grants your visitors a seamless website experience.

Live Chat Support Company Ottawa

Our live chat support services can be up and running in as little as 24 to 48 hours from the time you sign up. As a first step, our experts conduct a thorough research to learn about your business and gain a first layer understanding about your product and/or service. Then, we embed the chat code on your website and voilà, engagement begins!

24 Hour Live Chat

Don’t worry your data is safe with us. With SYNERGYCHAT, all chat conversations are encrypted, and automatically stored and secured in our private server. This pertains to all connections; between the visitor and the server, and between the client and the server.

If your business follows special compliances, our team will work with you to ensure that your use of SYNERGYCHAT is fully compliant of these requirements.

Live Chat Support Company


SYNERGYCHAT is an 100% live online chat service for your website with more than 8 years as a national provider. Team up with our company and let us help you ensure an outstanding digital experience for your valued customers!

Live Chat Services


Our detailed reporting takes the guesswork out of determining marketing performance and customer service effectiveness. We offer easy-to-understand analytics to provide you with a clear picture of chat-to-lead conversion rates, as well as valuable insights into the browsing habits and preferences of your visitors. Our reporting strategy also identifies details such as which referrer URL drew the most website traffic, what top browser types were used, or what percentage of your customers used desktops versus mobile devices to chat.

Customized reporting requests can also be accommodated to provide you with the details of which marketing approaches are most effective in boosting lead generation.